About us

Virtual Natives

DREFABRIK is the digital creative studio of the DREFA Media Group. We are a young, interdisciplinary team of storytellers, game and 3D designers and programmers. We share a passion for the development of new narrative formats and a great enthusiasm for current technologies.

We tell stories in a user-centered and interactive way, making knowledge tangible and messages understandable. Whether as 3D visualization, web format, touch application, virtual or mixed reality – each of these formats has its own appeal and is suitable for different fields of application.

Our projects always attract attention and stand for creativity, high standards and quality. Simply content of the next generation and for young target groups.

VR Headset, Virtual Reality

IdeAS, Design And COding

In our “factory” we produce ideas and concepts and implement them with the latest technology and software throughout the entire production workflow up to acceptance by the customer. Whether photorealistic, stylized, static or animated: We bring objects, characters and worlds to life for use in XR applications and multi-touch projects. All 3D models are optimized for use in game engines. We use technologies such as photogrammetry and motion tracking. We program our desktop, mobile and VR applications on the basis of Unity 3D and the .NET Framework.

Proof of Concept

Not sure if all ideas really find their platform? A prototype is a small glimpse into the future: with calculable effort we create an impression of what an idea, application, scenario or object could look like and feel like. For example, as lightweight applications, click dummies or individual features. On request, we can also test them in our LEAVR showroom.


Creating virtual experiences and worlds means more than just linking 3D applications with VR glasses or augmented reality apps. The creation of immersion, the meaningful use of interaction possibilities, the intuitive guidance of the user through history requires experience, know-how and tact in storytelling, design and programming.

Since 2016 we at DREFABRIK have gained the necessary experience in numerous projects and our creative team is constantly working on expanding them. In the meantime, virtual reality has become our flesh and blood and we have developed into real specialists for immersive, interactive storytelling. No matter whether 360° film, virtual or mixed reality – each of these formats has its own appeal and is suitable for different fields of application and forms of use.

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