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Wonderful places in Saxony.

Wonderful places in Saxony in a 360-degree film

In a lively, entertaining way, the film portrays dreamlike places in Saxony in 360 degrees. The viewer experiences a relaxed tour with Spatial Audio. He is guided „personally” by the popular MDR Saxony radio presenters Elena Pelzer and Silvio Zschage.

For the intro we designed a virtual MDR Lounge where the moderators welcome the viewer. From here his journey starts to the different places. We realized the scene in the virtual studio of the MCS Saxony in Dresden with the 360 degree camera Nokia OZO. This allowed us to check the shots directly on the VR glasses while shooting, which simplified the process for the later post production.


In the film the changing sceneries reflect the diversity of Saxony. But for the project this also required the highest degree of challenge for the technical production. From the dark cave to the muggy jungle everything was there. We shot this part of the 360-degree real film with the flexible, reliable Kandao Obsidian R.

At its “premiere” MDR Sachsen presented the FKK – Freies Kopf Kino at the fair Touristik & Caravaning in Leipzig (21.11.2018 to 25.11.2018) with an enthusiastic reception by the audience.

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FKK Freies Kopfkino

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