Interactive Virtual Reality

Going up!

A live adventure in Virtual Reality in which the user plays the role of a maintenance operator on board of a spaceship.

Virtual Reality Live Adventure

A live adventure in Virtual Reality, where the user plays the role of a maintenance operator on board of a spaceship to solve several challenges, such as some repairs. After a successful mission, the user can enter the nature deck, our interpretation of a holdodeck. Everything in this scenery is relaxing, simply beautiful, as well as interactive and explorable. Exploring flora and fauna included. Both the spaceship and the nature deck were designed almost photorealistic.

Going Up Screenshot
Going up

Use gestures to navigate and interact

Using his own hands, the user can intuitively interact with the environment, as well as move freely in the virtual space, touch walls and objects, via hand tracking. The entire project was realized in Unity 3D.

Going up! was designed and developed in cooperation with the Vitruvius Hochschule Leipzig. Currently perceptible at LEAVR.

Devices and Software

Virtual Reality, Interactive Adventure Game, Single Modus, Unity 3D, Spatial Audio, HTC Vive, 4D Umgebung, Leap Motion


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