Virtual Reality


The 500m² space in the media city leipzig

Explore. Immerse. Connect – LEAVR is our platform for virtual and mixed reality with its own experience space and showroom in Leipzig. In the LEAVR development laboratory (LEAVR Lab) prototypes in the field of education, education and entertainment are created in cooperation with universities, technical colleges and research institutes. LEAVR was designed by DREFABRIK on behalf of DREFA Media Holding GmbH.

LEAVR Studio 3D Design
LEAVR Studio, 3D Design Preview Rendering

The LEAVR in Leizpig is also open to the public. This means that everyone can test and experience virtual reality. Everybody can try out different types of VR goggles, experience a XMG Walker backpack PC in action and play through Oculus®VR, Steam®VR or Playstation VR.


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