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From Script to Screen

360° virtual tour behind television sets

Behind the Scenes of MDR

Flying like Superman over the studio area, looking around in peace in a props and costume store? Experiencing the daily news broadcast directly in the TV control room or assisting Dr. Heilmann with the next operation in the “Sachsenklinik”? No problem!

2D Dreh meets 360 Grad-Dreh

From Script to Screen takes the interested user to places that otherwise would remain secret, takes him on a 360° virtual tour of the world of television, behind the scenes of the TV formats “In aller Freundschaft” (ARD/MDR) and “MDR Sachsenspiegel” (MDR Sachsen).

Scenes from “From Skript to Screen” (Screenplay & Director: Anastasia Ziegler)

A true classic!

FSTS was one of our first big VR productions, which we realized in 2016/2017. We were asked to develop an innovative new station for the MDR studio tour. And voila – that’s what we did. The result was a 10-minute 360-degree film. It became a major attracktion of the tour and is in daily operation since release. More than 53,000 visitors to the MDR studio tour have seen the film since 2017! From Script to Screen? – a true VR classic in the meantime.

Scenes from “From Skript to Screen” (Screenplay & Director: Anastasia Ziegler)

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