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Take a closer look

Take a Closer Look is an almost photorealistic VR experience that takes the user to a panoramic platform on the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Haptical VR

A fantastic panoramic view from a viewpoint at Königstein in the Erzgebirge on a warm summer day. The observer can look around in peace. He feels the wind and the warming sun in his face… The scene feels so real that the impression is conveyed that he is actually standing on the lookout point at Königstein.

The special feature of Take a Closer Look lies in the combination of computer graphics, virtual reality technology (HTC Vive) and the generation of haptic feedback. We have expanded the three-dimensional environment with haptic and sensory elements, such as wind, heat and a simplified replica of the viewing platform to intensify the experience and appeal to all senses.

Playful education

“Take a Closer Look” contains an additional interactive level of information. Through the integration of a search and retrieve game in which the user can scan native animals and plants with the help of a controller and learn further information about them. The user’s attention is thereby drawn from a distance (panoramic view) to his close area and the haptic elements in his surroundings. Virtual objects closer to the user are represented haptically, so that the user can see them through the VR glasses and feel them simultaneously with his hands.

Take a Closer Look was developed in 2017/2018 in cooperation with the Vitruvius Hochschule Leipzig and is currently installed in the LEAVR as a virtual reality application in the lab area.

Devices and sooftware

Interactive Virtual Reality, Single Modus, Unity 3D, Spatial Audio, HTC Vive, Controller

Take A Closer Look
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