MDR Klassik 360°

Behind the Scenes of the MDR Ensemble

MDR Klassik 360°

Behind the Scenes of the MDR Ensemble

Look around and be amazed

Who tunes the concert grand pianos? How do the young musicians rehearse? And what are the secrets of the contrabass chamber? MDR Klassik 360° allows an exclusive view behind the scenes of the famous MDR music ensembles. Take a look, listen and experience!

We love high quality

The most reliable and powerful Kandao Obsidian R was used for this 360 degree film. And of course, MDR Classic 360° is also a great audio experience thanks to Spatial Audio sound. In all, we were able to complete the production, including post-production, in just 4 weeks of production time. As part of the annual MDR Funkhaus festival in Halle, the 360-degree film was presented to the public.

Connected Workflow

For this production we worked together with MCS Sachsen. Our part was the creative staging (director: Anastasia Ziegler) and postproduction (editing, dubbing).


Kandao ObsidianR, Spatial Audio-Sound


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