FKK – Free head cinema!

Visiting awsome places with MDR Sachsen and in 360 degrees

FKK – Free head cinema!

Visiting awsome places with MDR Sachsen and in 360 degrees

Have a break with FKK

From time to time there should always be some moments to relax! With FKK- the free head cinema you can look around everywhere and discover really beautiful places. On an entertaining, virtual journey, the viewers* pass through remarkable, mystical sites in Saxony. Always accompanied by the popular MDR Sachsen radio hosts Elena Pelzer and Silvio Zschage.

Challenging a 360 degree production

As part of the intro, we designed a virtual MDR Lounge in which the moderators welcome the audience. This scene was realized in the virtual studio of MCS Sachsen in Dresden using the 360 degree camera Nokia OZO. This allowed us to check the shots of the filming directly on our VR glasses, which made the process much quicker for the later post. The film reflects the diversity of Saxony with its changing scenes. But for the production this meant at the same time the highest level of technical challenge. Everything was there, from the dark cave to the warm and humid jungle. We shot these parts of the 360 degree real film with the flexible, reliable Kandao ObsidianR. MDR Sachsen presented FKK — Free head cinema! for the first time at the Touristic & Caravaning fair in Leipzig 2018.


Kandao ObsidianR, Spatial Audio-Sound


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