Going Up!

Interactive Live Adventure for Simulation and Training

Going Up!

Interactive Live Adventure for Simulation and Training

Virtual Reality Live Adventure

Going up! is a live adventure in Virtual Reality, where the user slips into the role of a maintenance worker on board of a spaceship to master various challenges, such as diverse repairs. After a successful mission, the user can enter the so-called nature deck and our creative interpretation of a holodeck. Here it goes easy, just beautiful earthly. Even in this scenery you can explore and interact intensely. This includes experiences with flora and fauna. Both the spaceship and the nature deck have been designed almost in a photorealistic way.

Gesture control and interaction

Through hand tracking, the user can intuitively interact with the environment with his own hands, move freely in the room, touch walls or railings. The entire project was created in Unity 3D. Going up! was developed in cooperation with the Vitruvius Hochschule Leipzig. You can currently experience it in the LEAVR Innovation Space in Leipzig.


Interactive Virtual Reality, Photogrammetry, Single Mode, Spatial Audio, HTC Vive, 4D Environment


Unity 3D, Autodesk Maya, Substance, Audacity, Leap Motion

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