Into Music – Classic in VR

Take a deep dive into music

Into Music – Classic in VR

Take a deep dive into music

Imagine experiencing classical music dimensionally

The visitor enters a concert hall, not just any, but the virtual space of into music. There, the music of Bizet’s masterpiece “Les Toreadors” from the famous opera “Carmen” is visualized in a poetic way and can be experienced sensually and interactively.

Listening to music only? Passé!

In contrast to reality, the user can choose whether he simply wants to enjoy the music in the “audience room” and let it have an effect on him or intuitively explore the piece of music himself. If the latter, the user can switch independently and autonomously to the “researcher’s room” by using simple gesture control. Here he has various interaction possibilities: He can isolate individual audio tracks or instrument groups. Or he can fast-forward and rewind the entire piece of music in real time and according to interest. “Les Toreadors” was digitally recorded by the Symphony Orchestra of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. Due to the three-dimensional spatial sound Spatial Audio, into music is not only a strong visual, but also a unique auditory VR experience. into music was created in cooperation with Prof. Anette Scholz from the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle and the developers of Prefrontal Cortex.


Interactive Virtual Reality, Single Modus, Spatial Audio, HTC Vive, Gesture control


Unity 3D, Leap Motion

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