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Virtual reality, more than just goggles.

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Virtual reality, more than just goggles.

To create virtual experiences and worlds is more than just connecting 3D applications with VR glasses. The generation of immersion, the meaningful use of interaction possibilities, the intuitive guidance of the user through the story requires experience, know-how and sensitivity in storytelling, design and programming.

Since 2016 we at DREFABRIK have gained the experience required in numerous projects and our creative team is constantly working on expanding it. In the meantime, virtual reality has become our core business and we have become real specialists for immersive, interactive storytelling. No matter whether 360° film, virtual or mixed reality – each of these formats has its own appeal and is suitable for different fields of application and ways of use.

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3D-Design, AR, Multimedia

Devices and software

Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, XMG Walker, Unity 3D

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